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  • Workcenter CMS

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  • Workcenter CMS

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Atlas Works: Web tools that work

Atlas Works has been around for over a decade building and customizing software for the web. Our goal has always been to put the best content management solution available in the hands of anyone who needs it. Our Workcenter CMS lets you easily build responsive layouts, copy/place features anywhere on WYSIWYG pages, replace images or update links across an entire site, create and update HTML templates easily right in the CMS, and manage multiple sites in one system. And we know it works, because we use it ourselves.

Clean Code

Our services

We’ve spent years developing the optimal set of Workcenter features, add-on modules, and related services that help our clients succeed in digital media. The result is Workcenter v5, an end-to-end, online toolbox that adjusts to your needs, is simple for beginners, and agile for tech-savvy pros.

Content Management

We offer the Workcenter CMS with a feature set that is scalable from small marketing sites to large-scale extranets.

Custom Programming

Atlas Workcenter has it all, sort of. If there's a custom feature, inside or outside of Workcenter you need, just ask.


We offer servers tuned to keep your Workcenter humming along, including 24/7/365 monitoring and maintenance.

Fantastic Support

Some clients have used Workcenter since the beginning. They stay because we treat their systems and sites like our own.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic

Arthur C. Clarke

Meet Version 5

Atlas Workcenter® v5 is the all new update to our enterprise-class content management system, the one tool to manage all your online endeavors. An improved interface, more efficient site management, drag and drop uploads, enhanced mobile and social features, and even better responsive layout support are just the beginning.

Properties in a lightbox

Leaner, cleaner

Flat is the new dropshadow

The new interface is streamlined and puts key features right where you need them.

Asset List start

Updated modules

Stronger, faster

Modules are more seamlessly integrated and feature better social and SEO support.

Site list with inline edit

Quicker edits/access

Get more done

Speedier searches, drag and drop uploads, and simpler CSS. It's all good.

Workcenter modules

Atlas Workcenter includes several modules that add specialized functionality to its core feature set—modules that are powerful right out of the box. Unlike other CMSs that rely on third-party modules for most functions, these modules are fully integrated and coordinated with all parts of the system. Clients may utilize any of the existing modules or Atlas Works can develop one specifically to meet your needs.

Why choose Atlas Works?

At Atlas Works, we offer end-to-end services that take you from server setup to CMS installation, site configuration, hosting, monitoring and beyond.

Why to choose us

Our clients use our software and do great things with it. But, they also trust that the Atlas Works team will be there when they need us, long after the project is done.

Workcenter's WYSIWYG interface requires little or no knowledge of HTML for basic users, while power users are offered access to a broad range of features, including full CSS3 and HTML5 support and the ability to reference external code.

Ease of use is one thing. But if the CMS doesn't perform, what's the point? Workcenter features fast page generation and extensive caching to ensure your amazing site doesn't keep people waiting.

Bare metal servers are powerful, consistent and reliable. Cloud servers are pay-as-you-go, scalable and just plain cool. Use the tech you want. Workcenter will be just fine. And if you host with Atlas Works, it will be more than fine.

We'd love to hear from you! Contact us for pricing or more info.